Whipple Cremé Review

First I would like to start off by saying that it doesn't come with an icing tip, and yeah it does say this on the box in some deep dark secret corner, but yeah I had to use my ownn...
So the pros and cons (compared to silicone)

Pros: Resealable and awesome easy to store piping bag; safer than silicone (kid friendly); has a frosting-like look, if you like that

Cons: Pretty expensive where I live ($8) while silicone is about $2; Hard to pipe out (this may just be because i had to use my own icing tip which did not fit well); You have to buy a whole whipple kit to get an icing tip which is annoying and will cost you even more money x-x

Personal Preference: It dries really fast, which I don't particularly like because I usually spend a bit of time putting cabochons in, but its up to you; Has a frosting-like texture rather than whipped cream-like (like silicone), as stated above
I'd say only to buy when it's on sale if you really want to use it. Or if you have coupons or rewards points, of course. 
If you don't like it drying fast either, try turning off any fans or keeping away from windows and using it in a warm area. If you don't like the frosting texture, I'd just stick to silicone.

Would I recommend: Welp it depends on the person and the factors above, but I'd say it was worth the try. I rate it 6.5/10 and probably would just stick to silicone haha xD

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