Hello, Welcome to my Materials Page!
Here you can see all the materials that I've ever used when making my pieces. If you have a specific picture that you'd like to know what colors or brands I've used or something like that, please shoot me a quick email here or leave a comment below.

Sculpey, Sculpey III, Sculpey Premo!, Premo Accents (Oven bake)
Sculpey Pluffy Clay (Air Dry)
Fimo, Fimo Soft (Oven bake)
Craftsmart (Oven bake)
Creative brand Paper Clay (Air dry)
Homemade Cold Porcelain. *Tutorial*  (Air dry)
Sculpey Mold Maker (Not really clay, but I use it to make my squishies) (Oven bake)

Cake Pop sticks
Handmade polymer clay and airdry clay cabochons
Food-shaped erasers (Dollar tree, Japanese book store)
Random sea shells and hair clips that I found around the house
Craftsmart Acrylic Paint
Americana Acrylic Paint
Martha Stewart brand Acrylic and Window Paints
Scribbles and Tulip Puffy Paint
Sculpey brand Translucent Liquid Sculpey (TLS)
Fimo Deko Gel - Amazon
Alex Dap Plus Silicone - Any Hardware store
(With Silicone) Icing Tip #14 & Star Tip from Chef Duff's Icing Tip Set - Michaels
Micromarbles (You can get these at Michaels, I got mine from etsy)
Clay canes (Fruit mostly) - Make or Buy on etsy
Wooden shapes
Mini PomPoms (Michaels)
Random Food Coloring I had in my house for years
Martha Stewart? Small decorative labels (used as doilies - Michaels)
*List Still Growing*

Sculpey and Martha Stewart Ball Tools
Long Blade Cutter
Essentials brand Single Edge Razor Blades
Exacto Knife
Knitting Needle
Cookie Cutters
Rubber blending tool
Popsicle sticks
Sharpie Markers (thick and thin)
Elmer's Clear School Glue
Sculpey Clay Softener
Baking Soda
Corked Bottle Charms (Michaels or order online)
AMACO Craft Clay Machine
Duck Brand Duct Tape
Severed Zippers (Dollar Store)
Strong Trusty Scissors
Bottle Caps (ordered on Amazon)
Amazing brand Mold Putty
Sally Hansen Nail File (+ other miscellaneous nail tools)
Chalk Pastels (Reeves, Artists Loft, Faber Castell)
Plastic spoons
*List Still Growing*

Minwax Polycrylic Protective Finish in Satin - Home Depot (takes a few days to fully dry)
Mod Podge Clear Matte - Michaels (takes a few hours to fully dry)

Hook Earrings (Bead Landing)
Stud Earrings (Bead Landing)
Earring Backs (Bead Landing)
Eye Pins (Bead Landing)
Head Pins (Bead Landing)
Jump Rings (Bead Landing)
Split Rings (Bead Landing)
Linked Chain (Multiple Sources but, you guessed it, Bead Landing)
*The Works Y'know*

Paint Pots - Michaels
Bead Landing Jewelry storage (for findings) - Michaels
Photo Boxes (for etc.) - Michaels
Other kind of Photo box thing (for decorative paper, stickers, ribbon, unopened clay - Michaels
Large 3 drawer storage bin (for opened clay, and liquid tools, cookie cutters, tape, etc.) - Dollar Tree
Large Pencil Holders (for long, thin tools, paintbrushes, ball tools, cutters, etc) - Local Dollar Store
Shoe boxes (For completed figurines) - Converse? Lol
Giant Plastic Bin (For etc. items like spare wood, cardboard, plastic)
Small 3-drawer storage bins (for small decorations like micro marbles, glue sticks, misc tools, etc)

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